General Information

I’m having issues seeing the video/getting the video to play.

For video streaming issues, try the following solutions: - Refresh your browser - Disable the ad blocker on your current browser - Clear your browser’s cache and cookies - Try using another browser or updating your current browser Sometimes, there are technical issues with the in-car video feeds. If there are issues with the feed, we will try to resolve them as quickly as possible. Additionally, if a driver is sent to the garage or is declared out of the race, we may c...

How are the drivers selected each week?

Each race week, our broadcast partners determine which drivers will carry the in-car cameras for that race weekend and if any other fixed cameras will be available. We then stream the available camera video feeds in our NASCAR Drive product.

Why can’t I hear in-car audio?

While you can use the Scanner product on the NASCAR Drive page, you will not have access to the in-car audio, Officials channel or radio broadcast unless you are a Scanner subscriber. To subscribe to Scanner, go here ( The audio that accompanies the live video is natural sound from the track.

What are the differences between NASCAR Drive and the former RaceBuddy product?

While there are some similarities between NASCAR Drive and RaceBuddy, there are many new features that have been added to NASCAR Drive that were not previously available with RaceBuddy. Shared Features: - Live-streamed video of available in-car cameras and fixed cams (when offered) - Leaderboard data New Features: - Customizable video player - Lap x Lap - Additional driver stats - Scanner access on page - Fantasy Live team management on page - D...

What is NASCAR Drive?

New in 2016, NASCAR Drive offers fans a free, centralized race-day destination that combines live-streamed video of in-car cameras along with live driver stats, leaderboard data, Lap x Lap comments and more. Users can customize their live video viewing experience by selecting from the available cameras to fill three viewing modes: single camera, picture-in-picture and mosaic. NASCAR Drive users will also be able to track their Fantasy Live teams’ progress throughout the race from the product pag...

What are the minimum system requirements for my computer to launch Drive?

For Windows based machines: · 2.0 GHz processor · 2 GB RAM (Vista or 7 or higher) · 128 MB Video Memory · Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 bit or 64 bit) · Internet Explorer 8+ / Firefox 24+ / Chrome 27- 41 / Microsoft Edge · Adobe Flash Player 11.1 For Mac based machines: · Intel Processor based system @ 2.16GHz or better – 2GB RAM · MAC OS 10.5.2 (Leopard) · Safari 5.1+ / Firefox 23+ / Chrome 27-41 · Adobe Flash Player 11.1