Getting Started

NASCAR Fantasy Live gameplay overview

Roster: The roster will consist of five starting drivers as well as a garage driver in reserve. Players can only use a particular driver up to 10 times over the 26-race regular season. At the start of the Playoffs, driver uses will reset and you can only use a particular driver up to 5 times over the 10 races of the Playoffs. All driver and garage selections will lock five minutes before the race start time.

Roster picks will continue to carry over week-to-week, but bonus picks will not. Be sure to stay on top of your bonus pick selections week-to-week!

Garage Driver: Players can substitute their one garage driver for any starting driver up until the start of the Final Stage. Once the Final Stage starts, your lineup is set for the remainder of the race.

Scoring: The scoring will reflect the NASCAR Official Scoring System. Drivers running in the top 10 at the end of Stage 1 and Stage 2 receive points, starting with 10 points for first, nine for second, etc. The race winner receives 40 points, while second-place receives 35 points, third receives 34 points and all the way down to 1 point for drivers that finish 36th through 40th.

The drivers ending the race in your main roster will make up your final score for that race as well as be counted as being used for that particular race. A driver that ends the race in the garage would not count as being used nor would their results count towards your score.

Bonus Picks: Players can make bonus picks for four head-to-head driver matchups that will be included in the Featured Matchups section of the game each week. Earn 10-points for each correct pick of the driver with the higher finishing position in the race.

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