How do I fix RaceView video issues? / Virtual Video not loading

If you hear the driver audio but you are unable to see the video in RaceView, first make sure you meet the system requirements found here.

If you meet the system requirements try the following steps:

  1. Uninstall Flash and install the latest version
  2. Open the Start Menu by clicking the Start button on your taskbar
  3. Find your Control Panel in the menu and open the folder (possibly within a folder labeled Settings)
  4. In your Control Panel find the add/remove programs option labeled Add/Remove ProgramsSoftware Add/RemovePrograms and Features, or Programs
  5. Scroll down the list of programs and find Adobe Flash plug-in, delete all Flash applications if there are multiple version
  6. Delete your browser's cache and cookies, click here for the steps
  7. Restart your system and launch RaceView
  8. When RaceView launches to make sure you accept the option to install the Flash plug-in 
If none of the above steps resolves your problem disable or adjust the following settings/programs on your computer; some of these steps are not supported but have been found to correct some issues:
  • Antivirus settings – adjust your anti-virus settings so it does not interfere with the installation process
  • Firewall settings  - add to your firewall’s trusted sites
  • Try an alternative supported browser