How do I fix RaceView audio issues?

If you see the video for RaceView but the audio does not play, first verify that you meet the system requirements found here.

If you meet the system requirements turn on the MRN Radio in the RaceView Program Window and try the following: (Note: the radio starts playing 30 min prior to the start of the race)

  • Speakers are plugged in properly, nothing plugged into the speaker ports (i.e.  headphones)
  • The desktop volume icon is not muted and is up - Windows notification area (system tray)
  • System Tray is in the right corner of the taskbar containing the current time and icons of “always on” programs. Look for the speaker icon or place your cursor over the icons until you see volume, make sure it’s not on mute or turned down by double-clicking on the icon.
  • If you do not see the volume icon, you can access your computers volume control by
  • Open the start menu by clicking the Start button on your taskbar
  • Select Programs and find your Accessories folder which should contain an Entertainment folder
  • In the Entertainment folder, you should see the Volume Control icon open
  • Double click on the Volume Control icon - make sure the master volume is turned up and that none of the mute boxes are checked
    • On Vista and Windows 7
      1. Open the Start Menu and type "Volume" in the search field
    • On Windows 8
      1. START screen type “Volume.”
      2. Select the "Settings" results below the search field.
      3. Ensure the speaker Icon at the bottom is not muted. If it is, click on the speaker icon to unmute.
      4. Select “Adjust System Volume” from the results.
      5. Open the Start Menu and type "Volume" in the search field
  • Play some sample music to verify that the above is properly working

If the above steps do not fix your audio problem try the following:

  • Uninstall Flash and install the latest version
    1. Open the Start Menu by clicking the Start button on your taskbar
    2. Find your Control Panel in the menu and open the folder (this is sometimes within a folder labeled Settings)
    3. In your Control Panel find the add/remove programs option labeled Add/Remove Programs, Software Add/Remove, Programs and Features, or Programs
    4. Scroll down the list of programs and find Adobe Flash, delete all Flash applications if there are multiple versions
    5. Reset your browser and install a new copy of Flash from
  • Delete your browser's cache and cookies, click here for the steps

If none of the above steps resolves your problem disable or adjust the following settings/programs on your computer; some of these steps are not supported but have been found to correct some problems:

  • Antivirus settings – adjust your anti-virus settings so it does not interfere with the installation process
  • Firewall settings  - add to your firewall’s trusted sites
  • Try an alternative supported browser