Reasons for lost GPS feeds in RaceView

During the live events that RaceView covers, users may experience infrequent issues with virtual video and some data feeds due to events that happen during the races.  In RaceView, symptoms of this issue include messaging that a GPS feed has been lost, missing or stalled cars in the virtual video, missing telemetry data in certain modules and, in much rarer cases, cars appearing to move around the track in ways that defy logic and/or gravity. 

While these issues are rare, when they occur the following are the most likely causes:

  • Damage to the car or GPS unit during an accident or debris on the track.
  • Geography at certain tracks degrading the quality of live feeds.  Bristol is intermittently impacted by this issue.
  • Interference at the track causes an error transmitting the GPS data.

In unusual circumstances:

  • Extended race delays (generally a result of very long red flag scenarios) may exceed the battery life on some GPS units.