RaceView Mobile App

When am I able to listen to Live Radio Broadcasts and Officials audio channels?

Live Radio Broadcasts will be available approximately one (1) hour before green flag until approximately one (1) hour after checkered flag for each Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race, as well as during red flag delays. Officials and Driver audio channels will be available closer to drop of the green flag.

Does NASCAR provide a Privacy Policy within RaceView Mobile?

Yes, RaceView Mobile provides a link to the NASCAR.com Privacy Policy. Follow the following steps to access the Privacy Policy: Step 1: Start from the homepage Step 2: Tap the ‘Menu’ button in the top right corner Step 3: Tap About Step 4: The link to the “Privacy Policy” is at the bottom of the modal

Do I need a subscription to use audio features?

Yes, access to live driver/official audio requires a subscription to RaceView Mobile. Live race radio audio is available for all users.

I cannot hear the audio?

If you are unable to hear audio please take the following actions: - Please check the settings of the device for mute and that the volume is set to a level to be heard. If no audio is heard, please check that you have selected a driver or race official stream. There are periods of no audio due to periods of silence in conversation by the selected driver and the team. No audio can also be attributed to a driver exiting the race or due to technical difficulties. - Please force close the ...

How do I listen to Race Broadcast radio?

When in live race mode, you can access Motorsports Radio Network (MRN) or Performance Radio Network (PRN) via the Select Audio Stream section located at the bottom of the application. Radio Broadcasts and Officials audio channels controls are also available at the top of all other application pages. Race radio broadcasts do NOT require a subscription.

How do I listen to Driver and Official Audio?

Please find the following steps to listen to Driver and Official Audio: - In the lower right corner of the app, there are audio functions: Mute, Radio, Drivers, Race Officials. By selecting any one of these items, the user will be able to hear the audio. For Drivers, the audio will be selected by the car selected on the screen - To change driver audio, select a car by tapping on the car or by changing the driver in the leaderboard. Audio can take up to 10 seconds to filter. This function ...

If I purchase a RaceView Mobile subscription, do I have access to RaceView or Scanner on PC?

If you have purchased a RaceView COMBINATION PASS, you will have access to RaceView both on your mobile device and PC, as well as access to the Scanner product on your PC. If you have purchased a RaceView Mobile subscription (NOT a COMBINATION PASS), then you will not have access to RaceView on your PC.

When and where will I be able to download RaceView Mobile?

The RaceView Mobile application is available for download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store via your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Who can subscribe to RaceView Mobile?

RaceView Mobile is available to anyone who downloads the application from Itunes Store and/or Google Play regardless of the carrier for free and requires a monthly or seasonal subscription (in-app purchase). RaceView Mobile is available to anyone on other wireless carriers and over WI-FI via a monthly or seasonal subscription on iOS or Android devices. A subscription to RaceView Mobile is also available as part of a RaceView COMBINED PASS subscription purchase. For more information on how to pu...

Receiving ‘Error Code 963’ from the Google Play Store when trying to update?

If you experience an update error prompt that reads when installing Raceview Mobile App updates from the Google Play Store, please perform the steps below: - Go to Settings > Apps (Application Manager) > All - Select Play Store > Under Storage, select Clear Data and Cache - Select Uninstall Updates (this button may be located in the upper right under “More” or via the three-dot overflow menu) - Select RaceView > Under Storage, select Clear Data and Cache - Launch Google ...

What devices and operating systems does RaceView Mobile support?

The following devices and operating systems support RaceView Mobile: - Apple Supported Devices: iPad4, iPad mini, iPhone5+, iPod Touch - iOS 9.3 and later - Android Supported Devices: Available on most Android smartphones and tablets - Android 4.4 or later (Optimized for Android 5.x or later)

What is RaceView Mobile?

NASCAR RACEVIEW MOBILE is truly the ultimate race day companion to enhance the fan experience of Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races. Our fans can follow their favorite driver all 2018 season and through the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship! This truly dynamic Race Day Companion App is a fully-interactive 3D application that generates all the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series action as it unfolds from the track in real time. With NASCAR RACEVIEW MOBILE, fans also have the ability ...