I’m having problems with RaceView on my Mac computer; how do I fix this?

If you are having video issues on a Mac system, first make sure you meet the system requirements found here. 

If you meet the system requirements try the following steps:

  1. Delete temp cache and cookies from the browser
    • If you are using Safari on your Mac on your Mac
      • Choose Preferences from Safari menu
      • Select the Security icon and press Show Cookies button 
      •  Click Remove All and then Done
      • Also in the Safari menu, you should see Empty Cache select this option to clear cache
    • If you are using Firefox on your Mac
      • Select Tools then Clear Private Data
      • Click on Delete
  2. Verify you have Adobe Flash Player 11.1 or better installed on your computer, the following link directs you to a page that provides the version of the currently installed Flash Player running in the Web Browser you are using. The page also provides a list of the most current version available for each operating system and web browser combination: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about