How do I purchase a subscription to Scanner?

In order to purchase a subscription to Scanner, you will need to be registered on

To register on and purchase a Scanner follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click the “Buy Now” button under the Scanner subscription you wish to purchase

Step 3: Upon clicking the “Buy Now” button, you should be prompted to login. If you do not currently
have a account, click on the “Click here” link after the sentence, “Don’t have an account
yet?” on the login module.

Step 4: Register with a Social Account or Email Address. Upon Submitting your new account, you will be redirected to payment steps.

Step 5: Enter Payment information and read/accept the Terms of Use on Checkout Page and click Checkout

Step 6: Confirm RECEIPT page and receive confirmation email. You can now
on and access Scanner from the Scanner launch page