Scanner Troubleshooting Steps (Web)

General Steps

If you experience issues accessing Scanner or see it as unavailable on web (desktop only):

  • Be sure that you are signed into a verified account
  • Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version
  • Refresh your browser or clear your local cache

If you continue to experience issues after following the above steps, please review specific steps for Windows and Mac.

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows

Troubleshooting Steps for Mac

  • Does your system meet the minimum requirements? See Details Here
  • Check to make sure your computer speakers are not muted or volume needs to be adjusted
  • Specific Troubleshooting
    • Access Applications from the Desktop of your Mac and select Utilities
    • Open the Audio MIDI Setup application
    • Click on the tab labeled Audio Devices
    • Verify that Built-in Output is selected next to the field labeled Properties For
    • Navigate to the Audio Output section located in the bottom-right section of the window
    • Select 44100.0 Hz from the drop-down menu next to Format
    • Exit from Audio MIDI Setup

If you still experience issues with accessing Scanner, submit a support ticket or launch a chat in the support center. A customer service representative will respond as soon as possible.