Scanner Troubleshooting Tips for Windows computers

Scanner Troubleshooting Tips

If you experience issues after launching your product, please check the following for some tips to possibly resolve your issue:

  • Does your system meet the minimum requirements? Check here
  • Is your Adobe Flash Player is up to date? You can check that here
  • Is your Java Applet working properly? You can test it here
  • Are your speakers on mute?
  • Are you speakers turned at a higher level?
  • During an event, drivers may become involved in an incident where their radios are turned off and their audio may not be available for the duration of the event
  • Drivers may change their radio channel which requires time for the system to update. You may need to exit the program, clear your browser’s cookies/caches and restart your computer to purge old data and allow for the updates to take place

For Mac Computers

  • Access Applications from the Desktop of your Mac and select Utilities
  • Open the Audio MIDI Setup application
  • Click on the tab labeled Audio Devices
  • Verify that Built-in Output is selected next to the field labeled Properties For
  • Navigate to the Audio Output section located in the bottom-right section of the window
  • Select 44100.0 Hz from the drop-down menu next to Format
  • Exit from Audio MIDI Setup

If you still experience issues with your Scanner, you can submit a support ticket. A customer service representative will respond as soon as possible. Phone support is available one hour before, during, and after an event at 1-800-630-0535. You can also chat with a live representative during an event.