General Information

I'm seeing locked icons in NASCAR Mobile on my Android device even though I purchased the in-app premium subscription.

Please follow these steps to resolve the issue with seeing locked icons in the NASCAR Mobile app with a paid premium in-app subscription on Android devices: - Go to Settings. - Application Manager - Go to the Google Play Store. - Go to Storage - Clear App cache & Data cache - Go back a page - Click on Force Stop - Go back a page to list of all Apps - Go to NASCAR Mobile - Go to Storage - Clear App cache & Data cache - Go back a page ...

Can I set a Favorite Driver for each NASCAR Series?

Yes, NASCAR MOBILE allows for a Favorite Driver for each series to be selected or if you do not have a Favorite Driver at all. A Favorite Driver can be changed at any time, as many times as you want. See “How do I set a Favorite Driver?” ( for instructions.

How do I set a Favorite Driver?

Please follow the following instructions on how to set a Favorite Driver: - Select Drivers in the side navigation of the NASCAR Mobile App - Select the driver you would like to make your Favorite Driver - Tap the star to select your Favorite Driver - On the live leaderboard, select a star next to a driver's name - Drivers who are set as favorites on will carry over to NASCAR Mobile if you are logged into the app with your credentials. Favorite drivers on NASCA...

Does NASCAR MOBILE require usage of data over cellular or WIFI connection?

Yes, NASCAR MOBILE requires cellular service with a data plan or is available via WIFI connection. Please refer to your data service plan with your cellular provider for additional costs associated with data usage

How do I turn OFF notifications on my iPhone?

To stop breaking news alerts, please do the following steps: - Go to Notifications on your Settings - Turn off the notifications for the NASCAR Mobile App that you do not want

Does NASCAR provide a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use within NASCAR MOBILE?

Yes, NASCAR provides a link to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use within the Settings tab of the application Navigation.


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