Fantasy Live

How do I delete a team?

Once a team is created, it cannot be deleted.

How do I leave a league?

You can leave a league at any time prior to, or during the season. To leave a league, go to the LEAGUE tab and click on the LEAVE LEAGUE link near the top right of the page. You may leave a league in which you are the creator - as long as you remain the ONLY member of that league.

When can I make selections?

As soon as the race week is active (usually Tuesday of each week), you may set your roster for up until 5 minutes before each race.

Will my entries roll over to 2022?

Yes, all previously active Fantasy Live entries will be rolled over to 2022 even if your league does not. You do not need to confirm your entries.

Do I win a prize if I win my Fantasy league?

No. Prizes are available for weekly winners in prize eligible leagues, however all winners are put into a pool with one chosen at random each week. There is no prize for winning a league overall.

Do I get points for having the winning driver on my 5 man roster?

Only if that same driver is chosen for the Bonus pick. The winning driver pick may or may not be on the 5 man team, but the bonus will only be earned if that driver is selected for the bonus.

Do the bonus picks carryover week to week?

No. You must pick new bonus selections each week. There is no penalty for not making a bonus pick.

Is there a playoff reset?

Driver uses will reset before the start of the 10-race Playoffs. Overall points will continue to accumulate, but there will also be a leaderboard for total Playoff points.

Am I eligible for prizes if my league reaches 6 later in the season?

Yes - if your league has at least six teams in it when weekly prizes are determined and at the end of the season when overall prizes are determined, members of the league will be considered for weekly and overall prizes in accordance with the Official Rules.

I'm a league manager, how do I delete a league?

Only league managers may remove teams from their league. You can do this by clicking on the LEAGUE tab that displays all team members. Under the LEAGUE ACTION column, click the red REMOVE button next to the team you wish to remove.

What is the maximum league size for NASCAR Fantasy Live?

Leagues in NASCAR Fantasy Live may be up to 100 teams.

I created more than 1 team, why can't I join those teams to the league I'm already in?

It is against the rules to have more than 1 team per account in the same league. The 5 team entries on your account must join different leagues.

Do picks carry over week to week?

Yes - roster picks carry over week-to-week; however, bonus picks do not.

What is the deadline for setting my roster each week?

Your roster must be set by the lock time at least five minutes before the posted start time of each Race.

How does my league become eligible for prizes?

So long as your league has 6 or more teams, participants in the league are eligible for prizes. Details on prizing are located here (

Can I make picks on my mobile device?

You can make your selections by visiting on your mobile browser or by clicking the Fantasy tab in the navigation of the NASCAR Mobile app, available in the App Store and Google Play.

Can I use the same driver for more than one of my bonus picks?

Yes - since you are trying to predict who will win the pole position, stages, or overall race, you may pick the same driver in more than one of your bonus slots.

Is there a usage limit on bonus driver picks?

No - there is no season limit on how many times you can use a driver in one of the bonus pick selections.

What is the Garage pick?

Think of the Garage pick as your bench. You must pick your Garage driver before the beginning of the Race, but you can substitute your Garage driver for one of your active roster picks, an unlimited number of times, up until the end of Stage 2 while the Race is in progress. The combined race points of the drivers that finish the Race in the Team's five active starting roster slots will count toward the Team's final score for that week.

What are the uses on each driver?

You may only pick a driver on your active race roster ten (10) times over the course of the regular season, so choose your drivers wisely knowing you will need to pick a number of different drivers over the course of the season. Note that only driver picks that finish a Race in one of the five starting roster slots will count against the maximum limit of ten (10) uses of the driver on the team for the regular season.

When can I make picks or set my team roster?

Picks are open approximately Tuesday of each week until five minutes before the green flag. The Pole Winner Bonus Pick can be made up until the start of the time Pole Qualifying begins, typically the Friday before each Race.

What is the Daytona Champion prize?

One Daytona Champion prize in the amount of $10,000 cash will be awarded to the eligible player who has the largest sum of Weekly Race points at the conclusion of the 2021 Daytona 500. You must finish first across all eligible leagues to claim the prize.